About Us

Naturally 4U is an online Eco-living store owned and run by a health conscious Mum, who is endeavouring to live as toxic free as possible and minimise her ecological footprint.

Naturally 4U’s aim is to provide a carefully selected range of products, to help you make environmentally friendly choices that are safe for you and your family. We test as many products as possible for ourselves to ensure they are long lasting and easy to use.

I have always loved the outdoors and been passionate about environmental issues. I have also always tended to lean towards natural products and alternatives over commercially produced products.  I have never had many cleaning chemicals in my cupboard. The ones I did have soon went once I found out how fantastic bi-carb and vinegar is for cleaning!

I had already gone through the bathroom cupboard to eliminate SLS and other harmful chemicals from the bubble bath and shampoo. But it wasn’t until my oldest child started Kindy that I became aware of the health hazards of using plastic. In fact my daughter often complained about the awful taste of the water when using her plastic drinking bottle. It was then that I investigated the dangers of plastic and the chemicals that may leach from plastic. I then decided to invest in stainless steel water bottles.

At the end of my daughter’s first year of Kindy the re-usable, litter-free plastic lunch box I had bought to try and avoid waste had broken. The lid had broken off and it was irreparable. I was shocked that I had only got one year’s use out of it. I made a quick calculation of two children and 14 years each of school (including Kindy and Prep). The thought of throwing away that many broken plastic lunch boxes was frightening!

The next year my daughter started Prep with not only a stainless steel drink bottle (Thermos FUNtainer) but also 2 LunchBots containers (the Duo and Duo Snack).  We are still using those original containers today five years later. I also use the small water bottle as a spare bottle.

I hope that Naturally 4U can help and inspire people to live a more low toxic and environmentally friendly life. Today’s society produces an appalling amount of plastic packing and waste. I am passionate about spreading the word about the dangers of plastic to our health and the environment.

If you are just starting out, remember that you don’t have to do everything at once. You can replace items as you can and make a start. I believe that living an eco-friendly, toxic free life is a continuing journey.  You can always find new ways to improve your lifestyle and make your footprint lighter and your life healthier.

If you have any questions or need any assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.  We welcome your feedback and it is our pleasure to assist you.


Karen MacKenzie

Owner Naturally 4U