Our Mission

OUR MISSION is to help you to make environmentally friendly choices, that are safer for you and your family and more sustainable for the planet.

We would like to help send your child to school with non-toxic and environmentally friendly lunch gear, as well as help with non-toxic kitchen storage and other plastic free choices around the home. And lastly we would like to inspire you to pack healthy nutritious school lunches with less processed foods and less litter.


There is an array of chemicals in our modern world. It can be overwhelming to think about avoiding all of them. One simple step that you can take is to minimise and avoid the use of plastic food containers. An informed choice on plastics can be made, if you are aware of the most toxic plastics and their hazards.

The additives that plastic can contain is the biggest problem.  Some plastic contains BPA and/or Phthalates which are both endocrine disrupters.  Endocrine disrupters mimic the natural hormones and can cause a wide variety of health problems. They are of most concern for babies and children who have a relatively small body weight and use hormones to grow. The effects of endocrine disrupters can also be passed down through generations.

To learn more about the health hazards of plastics please see our article Why Go Plastic Free.


Plastic is forever. It never completely breaks down, even in landfill it only breaks down into smaller pieces. The plastic that doesn’t make it to landfill usually ends up reaching our waterways and oceans.

According to the Australian Marine Conservation Society,

             “Throughout the world, around one million seabirds and 100,000 marine mammals are killed every year by         plastics, either entangled and strangled or choked and starved”.

To learn more on the environmental impact of plastics take a look at our post Plastic Becomes Litter.


We also would like to inspire people to pack healthy lunches instead of relying on packaged supermarket foods. This reduces waste, reduces exposure to plastic and promotes healthy eating. It is much healthier to fill your child’s lunch box with whole unprocessed foods, such as fruits and vegetables, rather than highly processed packaged food filled with additives. Packing a healthy, litter free lunch doesn’t have to be hard, time consuming or expensive. Containers such as the LunchBots Bento Cinco make it quick and easy to pack a healthy litter free lunch.